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Help - Main Window of AVI MPEG Video Converter

The right screenshot is the main window of AVI MPEG Video Converter. To convert a video file, you need only do the following steps,
  1. Click the button "..." in the frame "Open Video File" to browse and select the source video file for converting from.

  2. Set the correct output video formats.

  3. Click the button "..." in the frame "Save To Video File" to browse and enter the target file name for converting to.

  4. Click the button "Convert" to continue.
When the button "Menu" clicked, the below popup menu would be activated.

Properties - activate a dialog to display the properties of the video file opened.
Website - go to the website of AVI MPEG Video Converter.
Buy Now - go to the ordering page ot AVI MPEG Video Converter, you may place an order here.
Register - activate a dialog to enter the registration name and code to unlock the trial version.
About - activate a dialog to show the information of the software like company and version.

Click the "Help" button to open the help file.

Click the "Convert" button to activate a dialog for configuring options and converting.

Click the "Exit" button to close this application.

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